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World’s Biggest Crypto-Exchange’s CEO has revealed his Net Worth

As per the latest reports, the CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world has revealed his net worth to the entire world. The figures that have been shared by the CEO are shocking for the entire world and motivating for the entire cryptocurrency community.

For those who are still guessing, Binance currently holds the title of being the largest cryptocurrency in the entire world as per market capitalization. Just recently, its CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao revealed his net worth. Zhao currently holds the title for being one of the top billionaires in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Zhao has recently revealed that almost hundred percent of his personal net worth is in the form of cryptocurrencies. Recently in an interview on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, Zhao shared what he thinks about wealth.

He stated that for him, owning something has no value and liquidity is the real deal that has all the value. He clarified that he himself prefers that he does not get anything under his possession and end up owning it.

He revealed that almost all of its net worth is currently in the form of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) is one of them. He stated that he currently does not own any real estate nor he has much fiat currencies in his holding. He added that he neither has any plans to own any real estate nor he wishes to own any in the future.

He also stated that majority of the physical things and stuff that he own add no value to his personal net worth. Therefore, they can be completely ignored when calculating his net worth. He is only focused on acquiring cryptocurrencies and he has no such plans of cashing it out in near future.

Zhao stated during the interview that he has spent a really long time in acquiring cryptocurrencies. He has been slowly and steadily building up his empire of cryptocurrencies and they reflect almost 100% of his personal portfolio.

He stated that when he bought his first Bitcoin (BTC), it came at the cost of selling his apartment in China. Zhao does not regret selling his apartment because he did it with free will and he got to pursue his mission of preferring liquidity over material.

Zhao revealed that he was so much into cryptocurrencies that he even quit his job in order to pursue this field. He stated that he is a lot more comfortable renting an apartment or staying in a hotel than own an apartment.

He stated that the true advantage of staying in a hotel or renting an apartment is that it tends to offer much higher liquidity.

Back in January 2021, it was revealed that the total net worth of Zhao is somewhere around $8 billion, making him one of the richest in the crypto-verse.

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